Samhain Celebrations

Samhain Celebrations

We’re Pagans at heart here at Herne Cottage and love to live as nature intended, enjoying the seasonal gifts they bring and aligning ourselves to the natural energy of the Wheel of The Year.

Our favourite celebration is Samhain (pronounced sowen) where we think about what must end, so that life can go on – just as in our garden where old plants make way for new ones next Spring.It is a time of letting go, and also a time to honor and remember our ancestors, both of our family and of the Earth. We remember we belong to them and it is they who gave us life. Death is part of nature’s cycle and we honor this, it must happen before we can return. We also celebrate new life at this time. In nature trees are willing to let go by dropping their leaves for new ones to form, and plants drop their seeds so they can go on long after they have returned to Earth.

So Samhain is a seasonal celebration of endings for new beginnings. We celebrate by lighting fires, burning incense and cooking a feast. Today we are enjoying spicy pumpkin soup, to warm and soothe as the days get shorter and the weather turns colder.

Blessed Be :)

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